Big news – I’m pregnant!

As you may already know if you’ve spoken to me or followed me on any social media in the last six months – I’m pregnant!!!

Exciting and terrifying all at once. It’s been a bit of a ride really. Completely unexpected. In one of those typical (for my life at least) instances- I had finally made peace with the idea that it would be the three of us for a while. There were many seemingly reasonable reasons to wait – until we got settled, until things were calmer, until we were in a better rhythm… and then, bam!

I started throwing up and feeling generally sick – which at first we attributed to another big family event. But then my breasts started aching and feeling tender and that seemed much more likely to be related to something else. So I peed on a stick (why is that so much fun to do? Is it just me?) and lo and behold, I was pregnant it told me.

This time around is so different from the first. For many reasons. Including, of course, the fact that my first is around to witness it this time. I’ve been apprehensive for ages about the potential gap between my first and second. Before I had any children, I always thought the gap between my sister and I was perfect – 3 years.

Long enough for the first child to be mobile so I wouldn’t have to be lugging around two babes, but short enough that they would still be going through milestones fairly close together. As my first turned four and then five, I was disappointed that we were not going to have that gap after all. I worried that they’d be distant siblings because of it.

But so far, knock on wood, I’m revising my opinion. HRG is old enough to take a real interest in the process and understand a lot of it. He’s so curious about how babies are made, how they develop, what their needs are, how to take care of them etc etc that I’m really excited about what it’s going to be like once this foetus evacuates my womb and comes out into the atmosphere.

He’s always wanted a baby sister and as soon as we told him that we thought I might be sick because I was pregnant he’s been adamant that that’s what’s growing in my womb. On the way to Vons (a grocery store chain in Long Beach) that night to buy the aforementioned stick, he told us- ‘I really want a baby sister but if it’s a baby brother, I will love him just the same’.

What more could I ask for?

May the Fourth be with you


It’s been a while. How are you? Remember me? ha.

Today is #starwarsday It makes me laugh to just say May the 4th be with you. (Apparently I am still VERY easily amused). Quite appropriate. Perhaps later I’ll do my research and find out how this day was chosen. If you know, feel free to light up the darkness of my ignorance in the comments.

In case you’re wondering, I’m up in the wee hours because of heartburn. Pregnancy heartburn. Don’t tell me it means my foetus will be born with lots of hair. I’d rather they were bald, if that’s indeed the case. lol.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting pretty much since my first was born six years ago for him to be old enough to watch Star Wars with. I can’t remember when I first watched it but I immediately loved it. I’m sure he will too but I don’t know when the right time to introduce it is. What do you think? Have your kids watched it yet? How old are they? When do you think is absolutely too young? Or better yet, when do you think is old enough? I know a lot of it depends on the kid, and my instinct is that he’s almost ready. We’ll see.

And did you start at the very beginning? Or in the order the movies were released?

Important questions, huh?😀


edited to add: I’ve added some links above to stuff you might find interesting and hey, you have GOT to check out the #starwarsday hashtag on twitter and instagram. So much cute stuff there.

Especially this:


It’s been a good long while…

So much to say… where to even start. I’m not sure. I just wanted to say hello. I’m still here. Just too busy in the midst of life to document it quite the way I’d like to. But you know me. Lots to say. All the time. For the last few months I’ve mostly been saying it on Facebook and Instagram. So come say hi there. And sign up to receive a notification from here for when I finally do start posting here again. Which will be soon, I promise.

What’s up with you?

Breastfeeding in Public

It was a thing six years ago, the first time I was breastfeeding, and I can’t believe it but this is still a thing now! I must admit though, that this time around I notice other people’s looks a lot less. Mostly because between the two kids I’ve no time to even wonder what other people might be thinking! LOL.

Anyway, this comic made me smile. It’s just spot on, isn’t it?

Carry on feeding your babies however suits you, mamas. I know you’re doing your very best!



Hope you like the new look. We are getting settled in. Online at least. IRL we are in the midst of lots of change. It’s intense. But so exciting. And exhausting. I imagine that’s just the cost of change and rebirth, right? It must always require some expending of energy, of blood, sweat and tears. Otherwise, how so could it be powered?

I hope that you are well and thriving and stretching and growing. You know what they say –

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Ten points to whoever can tell me who said that!😀

My main project at the moment is just downsizing, downsizing, downsizing. We have SO much stuff and we are SO ready to shed some of the load. I told Cameron the other day that I had an epiphany while staring at it all – during the worst of times (financially) I had developed a mindset of wanting to save everything and anything – just in case. It was crazy. Now I can see that. But at the time it seemed the most prudent thing to do.

Well, now we’re in a different mindset. Now I see that if I want to fly I’m going to have to put down some of my baggage. So, down it goes!😀

Any tips for living on less? For getting rid of stuff? I think the real change is actually in my acceptance that this is all a work in progress. There’s no real endpoint. Well, other than death. The great equalizer. It’s a ways off I hope though and in the meanwhile I tend to squeeze every drop out of this life.