I wish

ajira darch photographer black brown woman africanI wish I’d just started blogging (consistently) back when I first thought of it. I wish I’d stuck with it.

I wish I could compile all the random blogs I’ve created here, there and everywhere into one place where I could read them all, chronologically and in order.

I wish I wasn’t always so limited by my fears. Especially my fears about the reactions of others.

I wish I didn’t use so many absolutes in my thinking. I’m not always limited by my fears. Just frequently.

I wish I wasn’t so frightened of failing that I sometimes choose not to try rather than risk falling flat on my face. Good thing my word this year is BOLD!

I wish that fear wasn’t subconscious, so I would realise sooner what my real reason for saying no was. And then I could be bold instead.

I wish I wasn’t in pain all the time. Having a chronic pain condition sucks.

I wish I had more money. I’ve been sort of okay with not having much money for most of my life but now I’m feeling so restricted by the lack of it right now that it’s annoying.

I wish to have health, prosperity and abundance.
I wish for enough.


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