Two out of three ain’t bad. (Part 1)

We had a busy day on Saturday. Packed with fun. We went to the Family Fun Festival, the Chocolate and Chalk Festival and then, too tired at this point to consider going to Habitot Children’s Museum for their Facebook Fan Day, we just stopped in on Cameron at The Potter’s Studio to see how Open Studio was going and he was sitting on the wheel outside, making pots. And for an awesome surprise, a friend we hadn’t seen in years was sitting there too and we got to catch up for a minute. She came ‘cos she saw my post in FB and was in the area. Power of social media, y’all! 😀

You should be warned. There’s a lot of pictures coming this way.

First of all, I have to say how much I love this kid’s independence. He walks around like he owns the place. Sometimes it’s terrifying because he doesn’t feel the need to stay close, but mostly I love that he’s so confident and curious.


So first,  he did a little climbing.


Then we went to look at the small petting zoo. I was way more excited than he was and wish I’d had more time to shoot each of the tiny animals. As it was, this is all I got.


So, THAT’s what those are for!

Next, we got our faces painted and then played with the hula hoops for a while.





We people watched. And then strolled through the farmer’s market.




And then we went to the next festival


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