Painting outdoors

While the weather is still warm, and in the mornings, before the afternoon Tara Hills winds kick in… I love to set up this little activity for the kiddo to do outside. I just put out materials and let him get his art on!

Sometimes I give him some direction or have a set up for something specific in mind but at this late, late stage of the summer, it’s mostly best to just let him have at it. It’s the experience that matters, after all… not the piece produced. Sometimes he wants to keep it and sometimes not. Either way, it’s cool. Bonus- less cleanup and more inspiration, since we’re outside!  ajira-darch-photography-hrg-painting-outdoors


What late, late summer outdoor activities are your kids enjoying right now? 

Sunset walk home

We took the last bus home one evening after swim class at 6pm. It was exciting to be on the bus as it got dark and to walk home with all the cars lit up. A little different than what we’re used to in the daytime. As always, an adventure. Simple but fun. Just how we like it.


Spin Art

ajira darch photography kiddo spin art

Last week we finally managed to meet up with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and they so sweetly brought along a gift for the kiddo which he was so excited to open… a Melissa & Doug Spin Art kit!! They remembered how much he enjoyed it the first time he tried spin art and thought he might like to make more at home.  So sweet. Thank you!

Needless to say, it took some convincing to get him to leave it at home so we could go off on our play date. After we got home from an afternoon of fun, he immediately asked to do it. I told him I’d help him set it up right after I put everything away and popped into the loo but wouldn’t you know it, by the time I got out he was already deep in the throes of spinning his art! I loved that he was too excited to wait and that he was SO enthralled by the process and the effect of different techniques. Love watching him experiment and create! It was great that the kit was easy enough for him to set up on his own and get started with.

ajira darch photography kiddo making spin artajira darch photography kiddo making spin artajira darch photography kiddo spin artajira darch photography kiddo spin art green abstractajira darch photography kiddo spin art greenA day so well spent with a delightful ending to cap it. Thank you friends!



Chuckling while I remember something that happened a few days ago. As HRG walked away from the table after lunch, I reminded him that I’d like him to leave his used dishes etc near the sink. He sighed, stomped back and said, with great emphasis, ‘Why do I always have to do everything?!’

Reminded me of when I was a kid and was fairly certain of the same thing. Ah, perspective!