on the haphazard postings

I have a problem. As you may know, I take photos every day. Every. single. day. Usually with my big girl but sometimes with whatever I can reach, my iPhone or Cameron’s or … but the problem comes because this means that I daily have anywhere between 1 and hundreds of images to upload to my computer, sort through, cull, edit, backup, share… and I haven’t been very good about doing this in a timely way… thus all my friends and family teasing me about how long it takes me to share images. I don’t mean to take so long. It’s just.




Brain ‘splosion.

Anyway, I’m working on the last few months worth of images right now and this means that I’ll be posting more of them here. But I may not do it in any order that makes sense to you. Luckily, this is my blog so it only has to make sense (or not) to me. Right? Ha. I’m just trying to explain in advance why posts with past dates may appear in the future. Okay. That seems clear as mud now so I should probably get while the goings good.

ajira darch photography blowing raspberries

I know it’s not everyone’s cuppa but I love this blurry shot. I think it’s very much an accurate capture of his personality. The kid moves at the speed of light and finds peace in movement. It’s just his jam. So, I have a lot of blurry shots of him. I like this one because he’s in front of this big bank of shelves full of Cameron’s pots that we have at home. It’s also the space where the two of them do their Gracie games and basically it gives me the warm fuzzies. And for me, that’s often all I need to know the shot is a keeper! That and the fact that my precious is the subject! 😀

Super thrilled

Looks like all the posts from my old posterous iphone pics blog have successfully transferred here. I’m thrilled. If someone can tell me how to add tags to all those posts without manually going through each and single one, I’d be thrilled. holla. For real, yo. 😀

Also. Today was a little cray. We went to park day and just had non-stop drama with a couple kids who were behaving rather unkindly to HRG. Definitely challenged me to stay calm and connected. Work in progress, hey?

Right. Back to editing. Thanks for stopping by.

transfering posterous posts now!

I’ve been keeping an informal visual journal on posterous for a few years now. Basically posting iPhone pics there whenever I’d think about it. I liked having it. But Posterous has gone away and I’ve been trying to salvage the post. I think, if I can manage it, I’ll be trying to consolidate past blogs here on this one. So there’s just one online record of everything. Wish me luck.


So, I’m doing the transfer right now. Hope it goes smoothly.