My word for 2017

So for the last few years, I’ve been choosing a word for the year that kinda becomes my theme, my thing to work or focus on for the year.

Sometimes I find it really helpful and it keeps me motivated but other years I forget about it or it gets too big, too scary, too overwhelming and then nothing comes of it. Invariably, in those instances, it just becomes one more thing to beat myself up about.

Sad face.

No more! For this coming year, I’m leaning toward ‘forgiveness’. Its something I think the world could do with a little more of and it would certainly serve me. Plus its definitely something I would like my children to be familiar with.

As someone* once said,

‘Resentment is like drinking poison and then expecting the other person to die.’

This is not something I want to keep doing and its definitely not something I want my children to learn from me. This Forbes article titled the above quote describes the cost of resentment well.

What many seem to fail to understand is that forgiving someone is not the same as accepting, condoning or colluding with someone or their actions. In fact, it is actually for you, not for the one you’re forgiving. It helps you to move on from the past, from holding on to the grudge and allows space for you to accept reality and make a choice that serves you.

Do it for you. You are worthy, you are enough. I am!


*I believe it was Malachy McCourt but I have heard it attributed to various sources over the years.

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