Hello there! Thanks for visiting my little home on the grand old interwebs! 😀 Hapa, nyumbani means here at home in KiSwahili and it’s my personal blog, a virtual diary if you will, of the wonderful adventures we’re having in creating this handmade life!

We is myself, my darling hubs Cameron who makes amazing pottery and our darling boy, also known as His Royal Gorgeousness!

What can I tell you? I’m a mama. First and foremost. Well. That’s not exactly true. I’m a human being first and foremost. Mama comes pretty close though. It’s definitely my best thing. It’s kinda amazing that our love created this incredible being and we relish the gift of it. Deeply.

I’m also a feminist, birther, photographer, tree hugger, writer, talker, fighter, lover and despite a massive collection of gorgeous shoes – a barefoot wanderer! 😀

What about you?


2 thoughts on “about

    1. Yes. I wanted somewhere I could post whatever I wanted. I’m in the process of integrating previous old blogs to this one so there’s just this one for personal and the other for my work.

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