sand and squirrels

Hmm. That sounds weird, huh?

Well, the kiddo and I were recently at a friend’s baby shower at a local park… the just beautiful Temescal Park off Broadway Terrace in Oakland. Anyway, a half hour after we get there, the kiddo gets antsy and wants to run around so we go off to explore. We check out a stagnant stream, a bridge, a grassy area and then finally reach the play structure, where we stay. For a while.

And this is some of what was happening while we were there.





It was our first time there, so I’m not surprised that he was so delighted and captivated by each thing he came across there. We’re definitely planning to go back and explore a little more. And hopefully they’ll have fixed the broken bridge and removed the caution tape! It was hard to resist for some kids. Thankfully there were lots more interesting things there… like some friendly squirrels. And they always seem up for a chase! 😀

Do any good festivals happen here? Anyone know?


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