You’d think that after coming back from a two month trip that, (to be super real, wasn’t all a barrel of laughs although it was incredibly stupendous, ha!), we’d be longing for some down time to just chill and revel in home life and in a way, I think we all expected that.

But then we got back here and our housing plans fell through. So we’ve been rethinking everything. And one of the things we’ve noticed is that we’re all eager to get back on the road!

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.34.03 PM

There’s so much planet to check out! I’m constantly day dreaming about roadtripping across the continent and learning Spanish!

What about you? Are you wanderlusting or are you nesting?

I wish

ajira darch photographer black brown woman africanI wish I’d just started blogging (consistently) back when I first thought of it. I wish I’d stuck with it.

I wish I could compile all the random blogs I’ve created here, there and everywhere into one place where I could read them all, chronologically and in order.

I wish I wasn’t always so limited by my fears. Especially my fears about the reactions of others.

I wish I didn’t use so many absolutes in my thinking. I’m not always limited by my fears. Just frequently.

I wish I wasn’t so frightened of failing that I sometimes choose not to try rather than risk falling flat on my face. Good thing my word this year is BOLD!

I wish that fear wasn’t subconscious, so I would realise sooner what my real reason for saying no was. And then I could be bold instead.

I wish I wasn’t in pain all the time. Having a chronic pain condition sucks.

I wish I had more money. I’ve been sort of okay with not having much money for most of my life but now I’m feeling so restricted by the lack of it right now that it’s annoying.

I wish to have health, prosperity and abundance.
I wish for enough.

We’re housesitting!

hello gorgeous!

On to a new adventure… we came back from our travels to find that our housing plans for our return to the Bay Area had fallen through. It was super disappointing and a little scary at first but you know nothing keeps me down. Not for long.


So we started housesitting and we’ve decided we’d like to keep doing it!! Yay for all you travelers out there who need someone to look after your home and pets! It’s a great way to continue exploring the Bay Area (which I’m totally jazzed about) and also a great way for us to save some mulah (which C is totally jazzed about) while we figure out our next traveling plans.

So far we’ve taken care of a beautiful family home with a dog and two cats in Oakland, and now we’re taking care of a sophisticated spot in the city! It’s really fun to be back in San Francisco, where C and I first met and started our life together. Now we get to show the kiddos some of our favourite old haunts!

So, me lovelies! If you or anyone you know needs their home or pets taken care of, drop us an email! We’d love to connect with you and see if we’re a good fit!



We’re on the road!

Hello stranger! Sorry for the silence… We’ve been traveling since the end of May and it’s been amazing!!

family airport departure sfo

Here we are at the airport, about to head off on this fantastic adventure!

I’ve been wanting to bring the whole family home to the continent (my continent – Africa) for ages and it’s brilliant to finally be doing it! We were in Tanzania first for three weeks but just couldn’t get it together to find reliable internet access. I considered writing some drafts to post once we got access, but somehow found other ways to keep myself occupied…

ajira-darch-170609-mbudya beach boat tanzaniaajira-darch-170607-mbudya beach Tanzania

It’s been incredible, to say the least, and I promise to share photos and stories as soon as possible! There’s lots to get through.

Now we’re in South Africa and it’s cold but awesome! There’s lots more to share from here too!


Stay tuned! If you can’t bear to wait for my next post here, find me on instagram, facebook and twitter!

I saw the sign

Saw this sign on the drive home from a shoot in the city and it reminded me so much of how experiencing certain brands over and over in different countries throughout my life has made me take some comfort in their presence, because they’re so familiar… especially in an ever changing landscape. Its been my absolute luck to have been born in a family that valued traveling and were able to do it. I never imagined I would slow down quite so much as I have in the last decade but I always find a way to explore new places.And I’ve found the change of being more rooted quite enthralling.

In some ways its the adventure of wandering that I’m lured by and I’ve found learning to live with chronic illness, being a portrait photographer and raising children to each be quite adventurous. Certainly not boring, that’s for sure. And still, I yearn to get on a plane or go for a drive and check out someplace new. So… I’ll be doing some of that this year for sure. Come hell or high water. Ha!

I think most major brands are heavily tarnished by what we’ve learned about corporations and their powers etc but I like to remember that many businesses started out really small and grew and grew through the sheer power of someone’s imagination. Helps me keep plugging on.