I saw the sign

Saw this sign on the drive home from a shoot in the city and it reminded me so much of how experiencing certain brands over and over in different countries throughout my life has made me take some comfort in their presence, because they’re so familiar… especially in an ever changing landscape. Its been my absolute luck to have been born in a family that valued traveling and were able to do it. I never imagined I would slow down quite so much as I have in the last decade but I always find a way to explore new places.And I’ve found the change of being more rooted quite enthralling.

In some ways its the adventure of wandering that I’m lured by and I’ve found learning to live with chronic illness, being a portrait photographer and raising children to each be quite adventurous. Certainly not boring, that’s for sure. And still, I yearn to get on a plane or go for a drive and check out someplace new. So… I’ll be doing some of that this year for sure. Come hell or high water. Ha!

I think most major brands are heavily tarnished by what we’ve learned about corporations and their powers etc but I like to remember that many businesses started out really small and grew and grew through the sheer power of someone’s imagination. Helps me keep plugging on.



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