Hope you like the new look. We are getting settled in. Online at least. IRL we are in the midst of lots of change. It’s intense. But so exciting. And exhausting. I imagine that’s just the cost of change and rebirth, right? It must always require some expending of energy, of blood, sweat and tears. Otherwise, how so could it be powered?

I hope that you are well and thriving and stretching and growing. You know what they say –

Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Ten points to whoever can tell me who said that! 😀

My main project at the moment is just downsizing, downsizing, downsizing. We have SO much stuff and we are SO ready to shed some of the load. I told Cameron the other day that I had an epiphany while staring at it all – during the worst of times (financially) I had developed a mindset of wanting to save everything and anything – just in case. It was crazy. Now I can see that. But at the time it seemed the most prudent thing to do.

Well, now we’re in a different mindset. Now I see that if I want to fly I’m going to have to put down some of my baggage. So, down it goes! 😀

Any tips for living on less? For getting rid of stuff? I think the real change is actually in my acceptance that this is all a work in progress. There’s no real endpoint. Well, other than death. The great equalizer. It’s a ways off I hope though and in the meanwhile I tend to squeeze every drop out of this life.


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