Whine. Vent. Grrrr. Feel free to skip this one.

Super frustrated. My photography site is down. Again. Fatcow is really determined to lose me as a customer it seems, and it’s about time I started believing it. I don’t want to be someone who can’t take a hint. LOL. Except not.

Anyway, lots going on… I’ll admit something- that’s usually the phrase I wind up typing instead of what I’m really thinking about… which is- can we find a match for Bay already? Get registered to be a bone marrow donor if you haven’t yet. Please. Thanks. I miss gluten. How many sessions can I fit in before I take a few weeks off for my sisters visit? Wanna help me find out? Hit me up for a session now!

Yeah. Pretty random in this head of mine. Anyway. I suppose I needed to say something about how annoyed I am with Fatcow right now. Out loud. To the universe. My next post will be more interesting. Ha.


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