My ultimate photography wish list – subjects and scenarios

I think about this all the time. Naturally. What I want to photograph and where. I’ve been pretty lucky so far in that my subjects have either chosen awesome locations/scenarios or have allowed me to choose a location and it’s worked out beautifully. Some I go back to more than others of course but I like having a long list of options and a short list of favourites. 😀

There’s a few things I’d love to try that I haven’t yet… if any of these spark something in you, drop me a line.

1. Intimate portrait of a woman starting her day

2. A family gardening, harvesting and then cooking together.

3. a homebirth somewhere light and serene

4. a birth in a hospital

5. pampered, glamorous you

6. A family playing and exploring in the woods in the rain

7. A woman and her dog

8.  A pregnant woman working (not tied to any specific work or idea of work)

9. A woman aged 75+ at her favourite activity

10. A man introducing his child to a loved hobby or passion, a place or activity that bring him joy.


What’s your ultimate photography scenario? You alone? Your kids? Your husband with your kids? Your home? A small field of flowers? The grocery store? A secret garden?




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