Seen from a different angle – Things that go 4/52


Things that go. I don’t why but I really enjoy photographing toys. It just tickles me. This is one of my favourites. And yes, I know it isn’t mine. ;p

So.. I’m only a week behind… better late than never, right? God. That’s like the mantra of my life.

Thank goodness for the Care Bears and their message that it’s never too late if you care enough. I do care. I just can’t seem to shake procrastination. I’m working on it though. Scheduling my life within an inch of itself and we’ll see how that helps. The worst part (for me) is when I do some but not all- like with this prompt. I took the picture last Tues I think it was. And meant to sit down and get it ready then post it but instead… life happened… and here we are.

I took some potential shots for this week’s prompt yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get it up before the week is out. Wish me luck! Ha.

If you want to join in, or just follow along, you can learn more about these prompts on Shelly’s blog or follow her on instagram. Don’t forget to use #wpmyview so we can all see your images!


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