waiting on the world to change

I’ve been stuck. Again. It’s a familiar place for me, lately. I over think things, get overwhelmed and then I’m stuck. This time, I was overthinking what to do about this blog. Which is ridiculous, really, given that the reason I created this one was so I wouldn’t have to worry about who read it, what it’s purpose was etc etc.

But you see, my ‘real’ blog, my ‘work’ blog isn’t working properly. Basically, I got hacked. Which means I’ve made it, right? Yay? Well, let me tell you, it is not all it’s cracked up to be. Not at all fun. I’ve been learning some things though. Like, for instance, what I think I pay Fatcow to handle is not what Fatcow thinks I pay it to handle.



So, they’ve been telling me what I need to do to sort it out but since I have no idea what they’re talking about, we’re getting nowhere fast. I signed up for one of their tech packages which should hopefully get it sorted but in the meanwhile, the blog’s not going to be updated, since I can’t access that dashboard to post anything. Boo!! Which brings me round to this blog, I’ve been sharing stuff here that I would usually post there. Which makes me think about, again, how much I want my life and my work separated… and where the line is between sharing my life, and sharing other people’s lives. I don’t think of myself as a ‘private’ person but I definitely understand that others are not as comfortable as I am with that. So, how to navigate that?

Anyway. All this to say that I’ll be posting more stuff that would usually be on the other blog here. And who knows? I may just merge them permanently. I think that would make things simpler? Who knows, though. I may hate it and wind up with a billion blogs that I’m not updating again. We’ll see.

I’m as confused as this lion-tiger with a pink bracelet mane. Who may actually be the clearest of them all. huh?



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