Potato soup for the soul

We’re home today because the kiddo was up coughing last night and sniffling all weekend. So I thought today should be a resting day and he stayed home from preschool. He watched some shows on Netflix for a while, and then went off to play in the living room. I can hear him voicing different characters. He’s pretty mellow for a change. Lately he’s been sometimes frenetic. I’m imagining that some of this is due to the loss of rhythm in our daily lives in the last few months.

We’ve been discussing big changes for our lives- what, where, why, how and when… and on top of that Cameron’s been working a lot so we miss him a lot and then there was my trip to Tanzania and South Africa followed by a trip down to SoCal to visit family for Xmas and New Years… all rather disruptive. So since we got back, I’m just focused on getting through my to-do list, decluttering our home- making space for what we really want, and rebuilding our rhythm. I’ve accepted that it will take time, there are so many different things going on and we’re out of the habit but I’m confident we’ll get back into the groove.

I’m also trying to apply that acceptance to my to-do list. It’s so easy to start believing that I’m behind… on everything… in life, and that is not a motivating feeling, let me tell you. In fact, once I’ve sunk deep in the mire, the only thing I want to do is forget the whole thing. So, I’m accepting that things change. What was urgent yesterday may not be required today. So I’m getting back to basics in all things. To help me, I’ve gone back to writing lists out on paper, in my notebooks and journals. Why is it SO satisfying to cross things out? To doodle and sketch, to write and write and write?

I just realised that the most immediate change so far has been around food. I’m cooking more. And feeling more patient about it. Doing a little more than my standby baked/roasted protein and steamed veg. Including Chésaweh more, instead of trying to hold him off or distract or redirect him. It definitely takes longer but if I’m open to it, it can be a lot of fun for both of us. And he always seems a little more eager to eat it.

So, yeah. What’s up with you?


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