Someone cut his hair

We’re often asked if Chesaweh (someone please tell me how to get an accent on the e on this PC? Please?) is a girl, and then told that his long hair confused them. And of course, we’re also often asked when we plan to cut his hair.  We always reply to both of these scenarios that he gets to choose when and what happens to his body, not us.

So, when he told me he wanted to cut his hair one afternoon, I was surprised by the strong and loud no that welled up inside me. Luckily, I was able to keep it inside and instead just asked if he wanted me to do it or go to a barber. He replied that he wanted to do it himself, so I handed him the scissors and let him get on with it. I couldn’t watch without cringing, I’ll admit. I love his hair, and that he’s always had it. Other than one tiny accidental snip of some bangs when he was a couple years old, it’s never been cut. Until now.


You did what, now?


Done and done. Mostly just the chunk that falls in his eyes got the chop.


We LOVE the way it looks. So delighted by what a great job he did. I was afraid something much wackier would come of this.


Not bad, right? I may be getting my next trim from him!

Anyway. How about you? Any 4.5yo hair cutters around those parts? 😀 Or is there anything you swore you’d do that made you blanch when it came down to it? Oooh. I think I found the accent thingummy – Chésaweh (whoa! So impressed that this worked. I tried pressing Ctrl along with the accent key and the vowel but that didn’t work at all. I got this by using the ASCII code which was pressing alt and then 0233 on the numeric keypad)! Yay!! Handy dandy chart here.


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