Watch out.

Yeah. Posterous is kaput. So sad. I loved that site and used to post to a couple blogs there. One was just iphone pics that I posted whenever the mood struck me and the other was a shared blog for my siblings and I to share pics from our lives. Admittedly my sister and I were the only ones who really posted stuff but it was still fun.

I’m not sure I’m ready to give up the ghost on the idea of working on something like that together. I love that we have such different lives in such different places but I do often wish we could share in each other’s lives more. So, yeah, it’s nice to blog piccies together. You know? Maybe I’ll figure something else out for us to do. We’ll see.

In the meanwhile, I wanted to give you a heads up that I may import my posterous posts into this blog. Haven’t quite decided yet. If I do, I think I’ll bring over both blogs to this one. Which might look quite weird as I’m not sure how it’ll show who blogged what. Ah, we’ll see.



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